‘Solitary Light’, or ‘A poem for two-thirds of the defunct Russian secret service’

I never saw more than summer’s first face.
Wondrous beauty was all that I could see,
The season’s sweet smile shone light on all days,
But that light has always evaded me.
When the rain has not cut light from the sky,
The draw of other lands stole light away;
And when the warmth was there for all to see,
The strength of conscience had been worn and frayed.
I never knew if sun shone on this land,
Never knew if these crops had ever grown.
Perhaps the summer shall return one day,
And the fertile soil may run through these hands.
For now, summer perhaps will shine alone,
Though still brings light to these nations of grey.


About DickensianJack

Born in Wolverhampton in November '93, moved to Huddersfield in September 2012. Studying at the University of Huddersfield. In love with the town - simple as that. As for the blog itself, I've been doing bits and pieces of writing (with varying quality) for a few years. A friend suggested I start a blog to share my work. Most of the stuff on here is poems, but there's other work interspersed on the page. Feel free to leave any comments on my work. Twitter: @DickensianJack (Jack Dickens) Facebook: www.facebook.com/dickensianjack Cheers, enjoy.
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