(R, S, HD).

Ah shit,
There it is,
I’ve drunk too much again.
And when I’ve bled
The white and red
And my mislead head
Has tread to bed,
I’ll say enough!
And I’ll give up for another day.

But it’ll be there;
The old addiction that finds me when
The same afflictions will grind against
The sane predictions that bind again
To my wrists and ankles,
Looking for something inferior
To that near-life experience.

‘Cause my sense of adventure
Is a misapprehension,
And the tension
I gain from looks at my name
Is close to pain,
But when you get the name,
You gain a claim in the fame game
Before you’re in the blame game,
And you get that feeling:
Ah shit,
I’ve drunk too much again.

You see,
The lights at night,
The noises and voices,
Discord decisions
And terrible choices,
They all make our lives difficult,
Weathered letters from a loveless reciprocal.

And you can raise a response,
And that’s still sorta fine,
But I’ll tell you right now
That these thoughts are right now.
And I’m keeping them that way.

But you can vent your thoughts in dangerous places,
And what went before in stranger’s faces,
Just doesn’t make sense any more!

And when your buddy Michael says
“Honestly mate, ignore him,
He’s been drinking since eight this morning,”
That’s the point at which you pitch on the floor;
That’s the time, the when and then
You think:
Ah shit,
I’ve drunk too much again.

That’s when you say that that’s that,
Enough’s enough,
Any double-barrelled clichés you can think up.
‘Cause cliché’s just truth on an old movie reel,
A black and white word that’s lost its appeal,
And if you find truth in the wrecks and ruins,
You might find the eye in the storm that you’re brewing.


About DickensianJack

Born in Wolverhampton in November '93, moved to Huddersfield in September 2012. Studying at the University of Huddersfield. In love with the town - simple as that. As for the blog itself, I've been doing bits and pieces of writing (with varying quality) for a few years. A friend suggested I start a blog to share my work. Most of the stuff on here is poems, but there's other work interspersed on the page. Feel free to leave any comments on my work. Twitter: @DickensianJack (Jack Dickens) Facebook: www.facebook.com/dickensianjack Cheers, enjoy.
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