My Take: The Germanwings Air Crash


Usually when I see a link to a news story and some long Facebook status of someone posting their opinion on it, I usually just think something along the lines of ‘self-serving dickhead’. I know this fits the same category, but this story has got me particularly riled.

Some of the bile that people spouted following this incident has simply been disgusting. The top-rated comments on the story of the authorities possibly discovering his body are along the lines of: “Leave them there for the animal scavengers to have. Society doesn’t want him back.” and “Leave him there, where he want to be. His soul be in hell there. Crazy maniac.”

In no way am I downplaying this. This is a tragedy: 150 people died.

But Andreas Lubitz was a mentally unwell man. This incident was not an act of terrorism, it was not politically or religiously motivated. There are no ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ to this story.

Lubitz reportedly possessed torn up and/or hidden sick notes from his therapist to conceal his illness from his employers. I can’t help but wonder why he felt the need to do this, but then I wonder quite how many of us are willing to discuss openly and honestly the topic of mental health – and why the fuck not?

Again, I am NOT downplaying this. This was a tragedy, maybe a preventable one though.

150 people died, not 149 plus 1.


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